Call rides

All rides by bus line 18 (Klein Ströbitz – Fichtesportplatz), as well as all rides which are marked

with a red „R“ or a phone symbol in the timetable, only operate with prior notice.

Please notify the coordination centre of Cottbusverkehr ahead of time, at least 30 minutes for city

transportation and 90 minutes for rural district transportation.

Use the following telephone number to do that:

+49 (0) 0355 8662-422

Also pay attention to the footnote of the particular timetables, there you can find the telephone

number once again plus the specified time minimum for calling.

For some rides the notification has to happen until 06:00 p.m. the previous day.

Following details are necessary:

  • bus line
  • starting stop
  • final stop
  • time
  • number of passengers
  • if a wheelchair or buggy is taken along

Further personal information isn’t required.

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+49 (0) 355 8662-422